Hello and welcome to our first weekly blog! We will bring you interesting topics and information each week to give you insight into the twists and turns of shipping, the logistics industry, and other important news. Hopefully, we will provide answers to issues that have a positive effect on your business.

We will cover shipping strategies, fuel costs, the labor shortage, business process improvement, management, reverse logistics, and much more.

This week we are tackling transporting perishable goods. Accomplishing this is not an easy feat for the best companies. There are so many variables. And in plain English, there is a lot that can go wrong. So here is a “thumbnail sketch” on how to have ongoing successful shipments.

The first thing to make sure of is that you have solid product knowledge of your precious cargo.
Some questions to learn the answers to include: What is the best method/transport mode? What are the temperature and food safety requirements? And the proper documentation for the shipment.

Next is due diligence in finding exemplary transportation service for your company. Here are some tips: Check out their track record, get references. Are the drivers trained to manage the equipment and carry perishable/fresh produce? Also, How do they handle a breakdown mid-shipment? What is the transit time offered? What is the protocol if an issue should arise in transit? (We know sometimes that happens!)

We will cover more on this next week. However, this gives you a great starting point in planning your perishable shipments. And, of course, Curv Logistics is right here waiting to help.

By Tawny Gaines

*Excerpts from the article “Important things to Consider.”
By Jonathon Swart

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