Intermodal air freight

Curv Logistics regularly works with air freight carriers to ensure a smooth, quick flight for its customers’ shipments. We have an intermodal air freight service that specializes in delivering your goods with precision and speed, utilizing our global network and strategic partnerships for seamless intermodal logistics. Maximize your shipping options with our intermodal air freight service, offering enhanced flexibility, accelerated transit times, and reliable delivery solutions focused on your business needs.

This elite air transit service aims to expedite your shipment with ultra-fast use of coordinated routes. We’ve teamed up with a list of air carriers to help deliver a world-class experience in air logistics expertise. The flexibility of this mode of transport sets the highest standard of accelerated transit time savings. Thus, enabling additional fuel cost savings and flexibility in coordinating additional methods of transport. Curv effectively customizes its air freight transportation to integrate with your needs.

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