Curv Logistics Services

Curv Logistics specializes in fragile cargo, ensuring that products are delivered in proper condition. We monitor live temperature control for all of our shipments.

Curv Logistics has assets to cover all your full loads on time and ready for your customer.

Curv Logistics has the expertise to handle your smaller shipments with ease. Quick, quality results in no matter the size of your load.

Curv Logistics has some of the best carriers in the business, and it shows with long hauls, we overcome all obstacles to complete the shipment on time.

Curv Logistics handles whatever cargo you need to be shipped. We have flatbed service available at all times.

Curv Logistics coordinates railway service, so your shipments keep moving down the track.

Curv Logistics works with air freight carriers regularly to ensure a smooth, quick flight for its customer’s shipments.

Curv Logistics, located close to “PortMiami” (formally the Dante B. Fascell Port of Miami), works quickly to ensure safe and on-time shipments overseas.

Curv Logistics has a team dedicated to handling these essential services.

Let’s work together!